Boisbuchet-Workshop “Animism – The Tales of Matter”

with Julia Lohmann & Gero Grundmann

Domaine de Boisbuchet
August 20th – 26th 2017

The Workshop

Natural materials are imbued with lives of their own, with their own life stories. They tell tales of the earth, the wind, the water, and the sun. Of swarming and gathering, of predator and prey, resilience and respite, mimicry and motion, becoming and vanishing. They connect nature and culture, science and art, thinking and doing, the past with present and future, and the human maker with a sense of the non-human being the material once was.

We tune into the tales of matter and explore the interrelated web of beings that make up the eco-system of Boisbuchet. Then we try to make the voices of the materials perceptible by creating things and interventions that enable them to tell their own tales – in their own material voice.


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